Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last night, I watched this K-Movie "Antique Bakery". Cakes are yummy but hard to pronounce such as "Charlotte aux Poires, Tarte au Chocolat, Mille-feuille aux Fraises, Onctueuse Jivara Lactee, Choux Parisienne" (roll-tongue-exercise). The actors are good looking and eye candy. Even though plot isn't that oh-so-good but it is cute. There has a lot of gay-kissing scenes. (I thought the name is just pretty so I put up it as entry title)

Oh by the way, Kim Jae Wok is as pretty as girl. No wonder, he is hot gay in movie. He said he is gay of demonic charm in movie.

The quote I like from movie is "but life may be a cycle of pain and bad memories. That's probably why people look for cake when they're happy. Since life is a bitter thing, we try to make our joys even sweeter." - Antique Bakery.

America's Next Top Model Season 12 is starting. Yayyyy!!! Love it. There has a lot of pretty girls in this season. Looking forward to it.

I am watching Project Runway, Korea as well. But I have to wait for subtitle for quite long time (only episode 1 subtitle is out now)

P.S. I love reality series related to model, fashion and those kinda related.

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  1. Alima Bell said...
    Love love love love this movie. I was just watching it because i had nothing to do. but seriously, it’s worth the time i spent. It’s too short of a movie to try to fit in a legendary manga.. So of course it will be hectic the end. thank you for posting and sharing it.

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