Thursday, March 19, 2009

Currently addicted to those games in Facebook, Farm Town, Mafia Wars, Wars, Wars, those applications in FB, yeah. Farm Town is cute. I like being Virtual Farmers. I love playing farm games such as Farm Frenzy.

P.S. You can google those terms if you have no idea what are those.

To Vico : Let's kick butts together :D I like yogurt. I will love being yogurt. Once, I saw this Chocolate Bath Shower Foam or something, smell good and smell like Chocolate. I was with my mom for shopping in this Super Market. I told her, I want to get this. She was like "are you crazy? Do you want to smell like Chocolate?". Now I think "Will ants all over me? lol". I shall be super Sweet. =p

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  1. Vico said...
    What, Chocolate!? I've never seen anything likethat. So you planned like smelling like some chocolate candy bar or something. :P Now that I think about it, a few months ago there was this commercial for a men's body wash, where after he used the body wash and went outside he turned into chocolate (Although the body wash didn't smell like chocolate or anything like that) and then they guy was surrounded by all these women, cause you know women like chocolate. hmm...maybe smelling like chocolate could be a good thing. XD

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