Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Omgg..finally, I got the phone Samsung F700..I'm so happy now..

Thanks goddness, I found it from www.ebay.com.sg (rare to find though)
Most of the shops I checked out, they said it is out off stock. One shop even said it is out of stock like 3 months? WTH. I was even thinking to order from US or UK (www.ebay.com which is ebay international site, I can find a lot of Samsung F700)

There has pros and cons though.
cons - I can't find to check all my total outgoing call minutes and message usage counter. No radio. No place to hang handphone keycharm / keystrap.
I don't know. Maybe I just can't find?

I watched 4Bia Thai Horror Movie last night with WL's sister. The movie is frigging scary. I shouted a few times even though like I know ghost is coming and those stuffs. Some are really unexpected, so it's freaked me out. But anyway, I love horror movies. Asian horror movies Rock with capital R and western horror movies Suck with capital S.


  1. Vico said...
    It's nice that you got your phone, but since it was so hard to find, aren't you worried that there won't be much support for it, in case you have any issues?
    SZA said...
    haha..thanks vico..ya..there stil hav warranty under samsung..hopefully they can do something for me, if something wrong *touch wood* :D
    or maybe, by the time, sony ericsson x1 is out..

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