Friday, February 13, 2009

This is what I wrote a note in Facebook. And it looks fun, so I decide to post here as well.

1. I am writing this because I am bored now. 
2. People think I am not friendly in the first time they meet and know me. 
3. I don't like vegetables except a few. 
4. I daydream a lot. 
5. I do blog at 
6. I have huge huge huge CRUSH on Yar Zar Ne Win. 
7. I don't do prayer at night and I hardly do. 
8. I have 14 cousins from my dad's side and I am eldest. 
9. Me and my brother's date of birth is 3 days 3 months 3 years difference. 
10. I played golf last 10 years ago. 
11. I continuously had swimming practice about 5 years in last 15 years ago. 
12. I have a lot of wanna-be such as DJ, B-Girl, interior decoration designer, movie director, successful businesswoman, wedding planner and professional golfer. 
13. I want to own my cafe shop. 
14. I want to build a house with my own design. 
15. I collect stickers since 12 years ago. 
16. In kindergarten, my friends called me "Shwe Yin Aye". 
17. Currently, I want new BFFs who are single, down-to-earth and same types as me. 
18. I am scared to shower when electricity cut off while raining. 
19. I love love Lasagne, Pizza and Spaghetti. 
20. Currently, I am addicted to WGM (We Got Married korean variety show) and BBF (Boys Before Flowers) a.k.a BOF (Boys Over Flowers) 
21. I want to have triplets as my own kids. 
22. I don't like my voice. 23. I watch most of Myanmar Movies without looking at screen (I can say I just listen only or watch part of screen). 
24. I like watching Asian Horror Movies. 
25. I like sleeping.

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  1. Vico said...
    Ok then I continue to comment if you don't mind. I can relate to #2, it's the same for me. Does "Shwe Yin Aye" mean anything or is it just some random name? LOL, #19 you could have just said Italian food. :) (p.s., I love lasagne and pizza, too. Even though it's not healthy (^_~)) wow, you practiced swimming for 5 yrs, does that mean you're very good at it? You could be in the olympics, XD. Having triplets seems like a lot of work, good luck with that. oh, Happy Valentine's Day (^_^)

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