Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last Thursday, after I came back from office, met up with my brother who was shopping at AMK Hub. We had dinner New York New York (brother sister time). I love love food from New York New York (they have mega big portion), but I hate queuing at there. I won't probably eat if I need to wait to get a table. I was deciding to eat at New York New York or Fish and Co. Finally, decide to eat at New York New York (wanted to eat cotton candy, but I was embrassed to ask to get it, I am not sure it is just for kids or whatever.)

My brother's cheesy chicken

My brother's ultra thick chocolate velvet

Mine, chicken and prawn combo

I love food at there, but hate 10% service charge and 7% GST, lol.

My brother happily went back YGN yesterday. Super jealous and envy. He is going back for more than 1 and half month. My cousin from BKK is in Singapore and stay in my house. But she is leaving today as well. I gonna be alone for like 1 and half month, alone in room, have like no one to talk to, my lappie will be my current bestie.

Besties coming from YGN this Wed or Thurs and till Sunday. He demands me to get prepaid sim card and IDD calling card. He claimed he is broke from Tokyo trip, let's see his shopping.
Going to concerts on this Saturday, 7 Feb.

To Vico : I like how you comment and response :) Thanks. You don't need to know Chinese if you are in Singapore (I can't speak as well). I don't know how many Chinese based countries in the world. But Singapore is one of them, I guess that why they have CNY as holiday. How's life in Boston =)

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  1. Vico said...
    hmm...seems like you're inviting me to move to SG, maybe after I graduate. ;) That way I can get away from all this snow, I like snow, but this winter has had way too much snow. There's something funny about "My brother's cheesy chicken", idk it just cracked me up when I read it. :) Have fun at the concert.

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