Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My lappy is back, thanks to myself (I'm god darn good? =p) I sent to HP, but I wanted to recover my data, so they asked me to bring back home, took out hard disk to recover data and sent back to them after that. I took out hard disk, slotted in at other desktop, tried to repair it and finally reinstall the whole OS. HP told me they won't repair for me, they will just reinstall whole OS just with one partition (huh?). I still wish to keep two partitions and I have done it myself. But I still kept some files and not that freshly wiped out everything. So somehow, my lappy seem a bit crippled, I don't know why.

Back to business. My valentine day, I met up with Beth, she went back from YGN and was heading to Perth.

At Asian Kitchen Vivo City

Whatever, I will count these as my Valentine presents I got. Actually, I got this box a week earlier than Valentine Day. The person isn't giving as Valentine present, just as normal present. But I will count it since I don't get any present as Valentine Present, lol. To whom it may concern, thanks you for present.
If Susie is reading this, Susie you-know-who, but keep it in mind, I am not writing here. =)

The box is cute and teddy is cute. Thank you.

My beloved give me this. My beloved HM. She wanted me to get surprised. I think she felt sorry for me that I would get none on Valentine Day. Sweet and Cute, right? Thanks, HM.

I went to HM's brother house on Valentine day. I met HM's nephew. He is so so cute, isn't it? He likes to pose in front of camera.

To Vico : "Shwe Yin Aye" is Myanmar traditional dessert which comes with Ccoconut milk, chendol, glutinous rice, bread and other stuffs (picture below). They call me that name because my real name sound like this dessert name. As for Italian food, mostly, I like only those and I eat only those, not salad or other all the types of Italian foods.

picture credit to : thanzinphyu.multiply.com

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  1. Vico said...
    It's nice that you got everything working again. LOL, "thanks to myself (I'm god darn good? =p)", what can I say, you but be good. Your friend is pretty cute (^_~), the baby too. As for V-Day, in some parts of Latin America it's known as Día del Amor y la Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship), so it's common to get gifts from friends. Maybe in SG you only get gifts from lovers? In Latin America, you hang on with friends on V-Day. Ah I see, so your name sounds like a dessert, LOL, usually people get dessert nicknames when they are sweet/nice persons too. (^_^)

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