Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I had so much fun with them. The most exciting and happiest things when they come here for concert isn't about concert. It is about the hanging out, spending time together with them. In YGN, they are just busy bee. We can't go out as we wish. In SG, not everyone knows them (except Myanmar). So we can do whatever we want.

I slept at their apartment because Thireet slept alone in one room, so I accompanied her and it was more convenience because I could be with them 24/7. Save my travelling time from my home to downtown.

Currently, I am loving this song a lot. Just last night, I could find the place where I can download it (download here). This is not happy, love song or thing. It is kinda heart breaking, sad song. The lyric is about a guy telling his girlfriend to forget him. This song makes me sad. My tears were coming out when I was listening to this song repeatedly.

P.S. Due to some of the facts, I can't post or write as much as I want. I have been watched o_~
Btw, I should find some new BFFs (Best Friend Forever) who are single. Sometimes, sick to hang out with those friends who are in relationship. Grrrz.


  1. Zatlite said...
    Thanks for sharing. BTW, if you ever share English songs on your blog, blogger may delete those posts. You should read http://tinyurl.com/dg5yf2 if you haven't already.
    mabaydar said...
    I know the feeling of being watched by someone on ur blog. Same reason as mine for not posting frequently on the blog. I hate being watched too.

    Hey, u still have me without BF to hang out with u. But too bad, i don't normally go out. But it okay to call me out once in awhile. :)
    blackoutjunior@gmail.com said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    MINNDTHAA said...
    True. Some of my songs were deleted too.
    Vico said...
    Sounds like you had a nice time, that's good. Watched..huh..well as long as it's not by the gov for doing something illegal. :P Now I won't comment as much.

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