Friday, February 20, 2009

I watched MTV Cribs, Teen Cribs a few days ago. The houses are like super frigging coooooooool. I want to have those fire pole to go down stair in my house. The first house, Andrew, he looks like Asian mixed to me, he and all his brothers are really cute.

Common in RICHES houses - Home theater system which is like cinema with comfy sofas (I have been once in YGN).

Just watch MTV Teen cribs (I love love love reality shows from MTV. Thank you MTV)

P.S. Just watch teen celeb cribs last night, the teens from the video above have much much much better cribs than teen celeb cribs, lol.

Hot Guy Alert again, Teddy Geiger. A few days back I was trying to find information of Teddy G on Google, he sings rap. In YouTube, when I typed Teddy G, it came out Teddy Geiger videos.
After watching Teen Celeb Cribs, I found out Teddy Geiger. He is singer-songwriter. He is quite cute and his look is unique.

He looks like a girl in this picture. But I don't know why I like this picture though.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Teddy you are so cute i write songs too i think one is getting published

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