Thursday, February 26, 2009

This could be like "25 random things about me". But maybe, some are not about me, I don't know.

1. I think guys wearing super tight jean look like they are wearing legging.
2. I think I am piling up some pounds and needa exercise (but still thinking stage progress)
3. Watching "Boys Over Flowers" is so yummilious and totally eye candy. I am into Lee Min Ho more and more. I pefer him+his character in BOF rather than him+his real life. (I feel same way to L from Death Note as well. I prefer L (Ken'ichi Matsuyama) rather than real life actor Ken'ichi Matsuyama).
4. I am addicted to reality shows such as Project Runway, America's Next Top Model and those stuffs.
5. For me, It is hard to listen British accent, Aussie accent. I perfer Ameircan accent (and used to it?).
6. Currently, I want to get haircut like Katie Holmes.
7. I am thinking to wear Thanakha as foundation (only when I go to work and before I sleep) because my face is super oily. Now only Clinique moisuture is left. I am not sure to buy another complete set of Clinique or not. Being cheapo for a while.
8. My BFFs are going apart from me like one by one. Ma SNP in US, Jane in US, Beth is Ausi. Ma Bon just gave birth. HM's going back YGN. Kathy isn't sure to be in SG. I don't have anyone now. So sad.
9. Seeing at least four digits (example : 1000.00) in my bank account, makes me happy.
10. One of the things I scare most is to slip on slipper floor infront of people. (Today, I grinned my teeth and walked slowly on slipper floor at Raffles Place after raining).

To Zatlite : It is left over porridge from afternoon. My throat hurt and I didn't want to eat solid food. But guess what I did have last night dinner. I ate KFC despite of my not-feeling-well. On top of that, I even traded up my whipped potato to cheesy fries.
To Vico : That why I wonder where had you been? I did have exam on Monday as well. What a coincidence that exam and sickness of you and me? You take care too.

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  1. Vico said...
    haha @ "still thinking stage progress". Exercise is good, I like exercising, but it's not good to get carried away. It's good that you prefer American accent cause that's what I have, lol. XD Are your friends moving to study or are they moving for good and never going back? Oh, and I'm tired of hearing about Lee Min Ho, more people should talk about Kim So Eun, now she's a cutie. (^_~)

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