Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arghh.. I am sick. I wish my mom to be by my side. I wanted to write some stuffs, now I lost my mind.

I think I might be addicted to this cough medicine which make me feel like sleepy and make me really sleep. I couldn't really sleep whole night of Monday. After going to clinic, taking medicine and everything, I started to sleep around 1PM and till 8PM++. And I had porridge as my dinner and slept at 12AM++. I still could sleep till 7AM. I woke up during my sleep in evening to go to toilet. HM was in living room and talked to me something, I felt like I was walking in dream or something.


  1. Zatlite said...
    Porridge for dinner? Dinner?? Even if I was sick, I'd still want a more satisfying dinner. I like porridge for breakfast.
    My dinner can't ever be plain fare.

    Oh and hope you get well soon.
    Vico said...
    This stinks cause we're both sick. Me because of school, I did bad on an exam I studied for, so I got so stressed out that I got sick. I can't even sleep, like last night I slept only 3 hrs. Hope you feel better, Take care.

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