Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last night, Farida's birthday at Golden Landmark Hotel, it was fun, met old friends and new friends. After party, we went to a friend's house and chitchat at there for awhile.

Now we do have reasons to take photos. The reasons are to upload to facebook, to update blog, etc.

Previously, send emails to share. Older way will be like show and share photo album with printed out photos.

Now we can be just like, hey I update my latest photos from trips, vacations, party, birthday, blah blah at Facebook. Check it out. Easy way :D

Farida and Marcus said I looked fatter in Christine's wedding because I wore black stocking. Now I should throw them away. I wore it because my dress was kinda transparent.

After seeing these photos from birthday (thanks to photographer Ryan), I now want DSLR camera (better to have best friend who has this kinda camera to take picutre for me rather than I have camera myself and I can't take picture myself though). They come out as darn nice photos and looking good.

I think it takes time and money to look good (I am not talking about camera, I am talking about a person's appearance, especially girl). That why most of the times (except the times I go out with friends to nice places), I know I look un-glam and hideous (staying at homes, going to work, going to school after work).

In my dream, when I jumped, I could float and fly. It feels so real.
Wearing heel, I like being tall like 5'6".

To Vico : Now pictures again, you may happy again :) But sorry that I didn't smile much especially in picture with Marcus and Farida. I think I need to learn how to smile infront of cameras. Talking about strawberry, I don't eat strawberry or don't like strawberry ice cream. But yesterday, I showered with The Body Shop Strawberry Body Scrub, wore Strawberry Lotion and I felt I smelled like super sweet. Plus Escada Pacific Paradise. And I love it.

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  1. Vico said...
    Yeah, more pics. :) How come you don't like strawberries? :( You must have smelled like my sundae. :P
    Looks like it was a nice birthday party for her.
    "my dress was kinda transparent" -- that sounds kinda naughty, LOL. ;)
    Yeah you should practice smiling in pic for me. :P

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