Monday, August 31, 2009

This is easy dinner.

Just boil like 3 minutes in hot water and teriyaki chicken is ready. It is quite yummy as well.

Late night supper with my brother at Indian Prata Shop (That why I love Tampines, there have like tons of 24 hours prata shop). The drink is called Gozilla Milo, it is with extra spoonful of powdered Milo and ice cream. There has Dinosaur Milo as well. Just minus ice cream from Gozilla Milo. So Dinosaur is smaller than Gozilla :)

Da Vin Cheez. Don't you just love Donuts? My brother updated status in facebook as He wanted to eat donuts. So I transferred him money and asked him to go and buy.

The 6 pieces of same donuts are mine. It is called Alcapone (donut with almond). It is crunchy and I totally love it.

Friday night dinner, we cooked something. Fried dory fish fillet.

Tom Yam Soup with some whatever stuffs (mushroom, egg tofu, meatball, baby corn)

After so much food, I am fat and my belly is bigger and bigger.

To Vico : Yes, you are my one and only valuable blog reader. Haha.


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