Friday, August 7, 2009

Got this from facebook.

I think it is kinda true.

You were born on 17 April 1984, Tuesday.

POSITIVE : Her speech is soft and a good entertainer . Good at keeping secret, only certain person can know the secret she's keeping. Her decision not tough and easily influence by others. In financial matters, she's good at savings, not stingy. Hardworking, responsible, like to be praise but need guidance and supervising in many aspect.

NEGATIVE : Like to blame others for any mistake, and have potential to become insincere. When she didn't like a person she will caused trouble, stubborn. Give up easily and always depend on others. Always trapped in tough decisions.

P.S. Please give me ice cream. I didn't put S in ice cream because I know only Vico gives me ice cream (how lovely, haha). So I either have 0 Ice Cream or 1 Ice Cream. I won't put S yet unless I get at least 2 Ice Creams like regularly.

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  1. Vico said...
    LOL, I just ate a sundae before using my computer. :)

    ..Oh..In case you were wondering it was delicious. :P

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