Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinner at Waraku East Coast Beach with Ma Bon and her family. Thanks for dragging this single person with you all :)

Japanese food restaurant, I don't really like Japanese food except a few things like curry rice, curry udon.

So here my big bowl of Seafood curry Udon. I didn't order upsize, trust me. All the udon bowls are this size. Water glass became small compare to this bowl.

Ok, this is just style, noodle is deep inside. It is pretty fun to dig in big bowl to eat, lol.

Just watched UP movie with Lu Lu. UP movie is really really really great, love it love it love it. Total heart warming and funny animation movie. I cried and laughed while I was watching. Frankly, I rarely watch animation movie. Now I gonna watch them, back to be a kid.

To Vico : Oh, you did. I forgot, sorry. The BB is the one I need to set up something. That why it is with me. The camera is 2 Mega pixel only. But quite pretty decent picture, right?

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  1. Vico said...
    That big bowl is kinda funny. The glass with water looks tiny, LOL. Does come completely filled with food?

    2 MP is good for snapshots I guess, that's what my phone has.

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