Thursday, August 6, 2009

I know I should cut down eating buffet. My cousin AAM came to Singapore again. We went to eat steamboat & BBQ buffet at Bugis. Paparazi AAM took those photos of me. I told her, don't shoot me, take pictures of food. But end up, only my pictures. No food photo in my phone camera. After buffet, sweet dessert is my fave ice cream Uzumaki Black Sesame Ice Cream. I love this ice cream like a lot. It is crunky because of black sesame. Taste is unique, not like regular vanilla, chocolate, whatever ice cream flavor.

Can't wait to go BB cream window shopping tomorrow. I am anticipating for long weekend. Woohoo.

Singapore National Day on Sunday. So Monday is officially off day. My last module exam result is out.

I am passed. As long as I am pass, grade doesn't matter to me anymore. Next module exam is on 17 August.

To Vico : That horoscope thing, sorta like true to me. Depend on my mood, Sometimes, I wanna go club and I could be in club (I don't mean I am doing dirty dancing or other type of dancing). And most of the time, I am cold and non-social person. During my school day, people seem to think wrong of me like I am proud of myself or something. I don't really stick with anyone or I don't talk with other, usually, I am myself alone eating in canteen unless I met up with my besties from IT department or Business department (FYI, I am from engineering. So we did have different timing and canteens even though same school).

I don't mean to date for only rich guys. Um, date seem to be okay. But come to think of it for marriage, I won't want to marry good-for-nothing who is nothing and gonna be depend on me. Yes, ofcourse I want good life. But I don't aim for oh-so-good-life though. At least regular job with resonable position. I want to look up to the guy I will love, not to look down. Not lowly like he is cleaner or rubbish collector or those stuffs. I am not thinking to date them. lol.

Well, my confidence, look at my big arm in photo :D Even though I am not satisfied with my look, I still don't try to change yet such as diet, going for exercise. Haha, such a lazy freak.


  1. Vico said...
    "I told her, don't shoot me, take pictures of food. But end up, only my pictures." -- lol, I like this cousin of yours, she (he?) has the right mind set.

    About the horoscope, I get what you're saying. No one would want to be with a bum. Just the way it was worded or the way I read it, sounded like a 'gold digger' type comment. But hey a janitor can be a hard working person too, right? I'm not saying that's a dream job, but it's better than stealing.
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