Thursday, August 27, 2009


Nope, I am not talking about Kdrama Dream. Just the dreams I had in some nights. Last night, I had dreamt that I went to Australia (maybe, because Winle went to Perth on Tuesday, I missed her and followed her, haha). She just went for visit only. Then we met at one open bar. She asked me to get Pineapple Prawn Juice (like what the heck, right?). There have prawn in pineapple juice (steamed prawn, not raw), lol. I didn't know why I have dreamt of that. Then at bar counter, I was trying to pay for this two juice (she ordered me two). It costed like $14. I was trying to pay with Singapore Dollars from my wallet, lol again (I seem to forgot to pay with Australian Dollar). Then Winle came to counter and she swept her credit card.

Last week, I had a few horror dreams (nightmares?). One is people trying to jump from some building rooftops. Some were doing stunts to hook up rooftop edge with their feet and they accidentally fall off to ground and die (ouch!). Brain all over the place, yuck! Maybe, the dream is because of Whispering Corridor 5 : A Blood Pledge (it is about suicide, jumping off from roof). After the night, I have downloaded but I haven't watched yet (I know the plot even I haven't watched yet).

To Vico : I thought you were Korean and watch those KDrama :D because at least in my surrounding, I didn't know any guys who watch KDrama. At least, I got you now and we have common things to talk/discuss :)

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  1. Vico said...
    Yeah, dreams can be weird. I don't have them often though.

    No I'm not Korean. :P IRL, I don't know anyone who watches K-drama, male or females. Is it weird for a guy to like dramas? With so many cute actresses out there, how can I not watch? :D

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