Friday, August 14, 2009

I want these nerd frame to replace my spectacle. I don't mean to wear for fun. I mean for everyday use. But I will double think about it to wear it to office :D

I want black frame or maybe, white. I saw one at Plaza Singapura. But I don't 100% like yet. Or maybe, I should ask nerd frame from my dad (old frame, my dad's frame wasn't thick rimmed frame though)? When I posted as my Facebook's status like "I want nerd frame". At least, three people replied they want one too. If I wear one and my parents see me, they will be like "What happen to you? Why you wear this frame?". And I should be like, Dad, Mom, this is so into Trend now :D

One of the reason is I want bigger lenses with bigger frame, my current frame is a bit small and most of the time, the frame covers up my eyes totally.

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To Vico : I was like how eager to read my vitamin pill. I even read my blog from Blackberry (borrow one, I want BB seriously) this morning when I came to work. I still haven't watched Shining Inheritance yet. People say it is good. But I didn't really like yet after watching first part of first episode. I don't know any of actors and actresses from that drama. Well, I just didn't like my smile and do you?

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  1. Vico said...
    Shining Inheritance was alright, the acting was decent but needs improvement. Also the story gets kinda draggy at times. I'm not sure if I would recommend it. I guess if you have time you should check it out.

    "Well, I just didn't like my smile and do you?" -- Are you asking if I like your smile, cause I already said I do. (^_~)

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