Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just randomly, and nothing much.

My childhood pillow I brought back from my country. The bolster is the one I bought with my dad before I came to Singapore. I was scared I couldn't get one when I came here. So me and my dad went to buy one, but I can't carry big one, so just small one. The girl from counter thought it is for baby, lol. Instead it is for 17 years old girl ME (I mean at that time.)

My bed (double bunk). My brother sleeps at upper bunk. But he rarely comes back home.

My wardrobe

My Cosme. Not much cosmetic (except make up foundation, loose powder), mostly skincare, lotion, fragrance only.

Me and my brother when I was young. Now he is taller than me like one head.

It is stick on the door. The pooh thing with bills, letters and those stuffs.

J.Co mini Donuts given by Nilar. Thank you. I love you, you give me food =p
P.S I know you don't read my blog though.

Nilar came back from Philippines and she gave me this as present. It is sorta like coin pouch. I chose pink color.

The view from my room. Sunset was pretty, I wanted to take picture. But can't see nothing much here.

I cooked prawn today. I went to wet market today and bought chicken, prawn, eggs, preserved duck eggs, things to cook for like a week.

Some photos here taken using handphone.

Photo taken using my brother lappie's webcam. Quite good quality though (1.3 Mega pixel). I didn't expect much. But they look quite nice, maybe, good lighting in the room as well.

I don't know why I was in the mood to take pictures. Maybe, I was hyped after eating J.Co Donuts? And I feel as I didn't take pictures for quite long time. Now we do have reasons to take pictures for facebook (social networking), blog. Haha.

Just got photos, my cousin just sent me. It was taken by her handphone.

Don't take my picture. Talk to my hand.

Ok, SMILE. With Food.

To Vico : What was your sundae flavor? Yeah, I know. But I ain't gold digger, you know me right? :D Btw, ain't you happy to see my new pictures? Haha, not smiling pictures though. Just random crazy poses.


  1. Vico said...
    The sundae was Strawberry Sundae: strawberry ice cream, bananas, strawberry syrup, real strawberries (as topping), whipped cream. It was good :D. Yeah, I never thought you were a gold digger. :).

    Of course, I'm happy, you know my fav posts are ones with pics. Esp pics of you (^_~). It's like you were in photographer and model mode, lol. Maybe there was something in the donuts that made you love the camera. Looks like you had longer hair in that pic with your bro. You don't really look angry in the "mad" pose. :P Maybe next time include a 'smile' pose. :)
    Anonymous said...
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