Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hanging out with friends

Saturday night @ St James.

Is my face glossy or oily after wearing Hanskin glossy blemish balm cream?

Marcus said my dress is look like grandma sews few-patches-of-clothes dress.

Everyone so going NERD. *I saw a lot of people wearing nerd glass*

Eating good food.

Vico, check out the big bowl. Haha. Food is not completed full. I posted the photo in previous entry. It is less than half.

My present for Farida. Harajuku lover perfume is so cute. I like all the smell except Baby which is small like baby powder. I gave Love to Farida, there still have lil angel, music, love, G and baby. Their bottles are oh so cute, there only has small amount of perfume, 30ml. Gonna be my wish list. I am so going to get one soon.

My godson with my spectacle. So cute right?

He enjoys sitting on my lap while I was playing game.

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  1. Vico said...
    I think you know what my complaint about the first pic is. (^_~)
    Don't know if it was a rhetorical question or not, but yes, your face does look oily. Might be the lighting, though.
    Haha, I love the over-sized bowl. I want to eat at that restaurant. :D

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