Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am sick since last Tuesday. Having sore throat and body ache, I went to clinic to see doctor and took medical leave that day. But things ain't getting better. Still having sore throat. I have finished lozenges which doctor gave me. So I have bought Strepsils. After having too much, my tongue becomes numb. Sore throat still wins. Every times, I swallow my saliva, I feel as there has cut in my throat. So I need lozenges 24/7 even when I am about to sleep. So no wonder, my tongue becomes numb, right? Yesterday morning when I woke up, suddenly, my right knee became in pain (I knew it when I made movement while I was sleeping, I thought it was dream or what). When I walk, I look like cripple (I had to go school yesterday). Today, I have asked my brother to buy some bandages and things for my knee.

The 'Unknown' and Me story
I am having this unknown number calls since don't-know-like-when. I am getting like everyday. Is it like virus or what? When I answer the call, there has no sound at all at other side, total silence. So if I don't hang up the call, the call was still on, but no sound at all.

What makes me surprise is I got this UNKNOWN call even when I was in Myanmar. Not everyone knows my mobile number in Myanmar. I just gave to some people who might need to contact me.

I wanted to take photo while the call was ringing. Yesterday, I got the call about afternoon. I was searching for my camera. But my brother took it. Then last night when I was sleeping, I might get this call. I didn't know. I usually answer the call when I am sleeping (if I hear the ringing). If to some friends, I talk to them back. But when I wake up, I forget everything, I feel like it is a dream.

Usually, when I checked back my call list after this UNKNOWN call, I didn't see it in my list. But today, I saw it. I don't know why again.

Is my phone POSSESSED or something that I am getting UNKNOWN number (I have used same phone in Myanmar). Or is it prank or some stalker? If it is prank or stalker, please talk something for god sake. It has been a few months already that I am getting these calls.

Oh, to add something again. I have lost my voice now. When I woke up this morning and went to bathroom, my friend in living room asked me 'how is your leg?'. I was trying to answer her question. My voice didn't come out as normal.

It is not like I have exchanged my voice with legs to see my handsome prince (story of little mermaid), lol.

To Vico : He isn't my uncle. He is my uncle's friend who is from morning exercise group. Haha, I have disease that I forget to smile or I don't know how to smile. Well, the king and queen, they might be the people who get paid to pose there.

To Nang : Yeah, we had fun. We should meet here sometimes. But in YGN, I am 24/7 free. Here, my school, work plus house chore :( But we shall see, of course.

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  1. Vico said...
    I promise, it isn't me calling, lol. :P I think it's probably a machine, the type that just calls random numbers to see who pick up.

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