Monday, January 11, 2010

Me With My cousins and aunt. Min Thu uploaded these photos on Facebook. I love my old photos. According to Min Thu, it was 1990. So I was about 6 years old. I love me from this photos. Ain't I very cute? Haha, self claim.

(Left to Right) Don't know, Me, Aunt, Cousin's cousin, AAM
(What happen to my lip? Am I pouting?)

Min Thu, Cousin's cousin, Me, AAM
The youngest one is Han Zin Win, The blue boy is my younger brother (I love his smile in this picture and he was very cute that time , he isn't anymore now). He said he is rapper since then because he folded his one sided of sleeve.
I am the eldest among my 14 cousins.

Me the Monkey. I was sorta tom boy that time. I liked to wear boy cloth. My brother said my outfit is like gangster.
(I remembered I have posted this picture somewhere before, blogspot or xanga, I couldn't remember)

I think I know how to pose when I was young. Now all my poses are boring and same.

I love the old me. I don't love the current me. Anyone does? lol.

To Vico : Well, just so so. I loved to listen music from there. I like watching people enjoying themselves. Yah, too bad that I didn't have full shot of the dress I was wearing. Yes, that guy is married. His wife doesn't like to go club. So stay at home. He was partying only on his birthday, what an excuse.

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  1. Vico said...
    LOL, I was talking about your ring. :D
    I hope they don't leave you alone at the table. So you owe me the full dress shot. :P

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