Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My mom is thinner than me. She is kinda healthy now and she doesn't need to take some medicine like last time. She does exercises every morning 5AM. So in the first morning in YGN, I woke up early and followed her.
It is surprisingly to know that a lot of people there, a hundred over people. I did exercise there like a bit too. I thought I might join her like every morning. But fail to do so, I only followed her one day.

Near there

My mom in green.

On the way back home. When we went to that place, it was so dark.

My dad bought breakfast.
(Upper, left to right) A Kyaw Sone (Some fried things), Si Hta Min (Yellow Sticky/Glutinous Rice)
(Lower, left to right) Pae Pyote (Some bean), Nan Pyar (Naan)

Done nail art at beauty salon (if not, I would bite my nail as usual)
It is cheap to do at there, so I changed nail design like every week. I got my hair wash at beauty salon near my house too. The massage + hair wash, quite good. Even though my hair is short, I hardly wash my hair at home though.


  1. Anonymous said...
    come and walk with us on every alternate days.... :P
    Vico said...
    What happened? only exercised one day? :P Your mom has more determination than you. You seem to spend more time at beauty salon. :D

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