Thursday, January 7, 2010

Met up with Ying Ying and Naunt Naunt. I had to pass something to Ying Ying. So they picked me up and we went to Happy Noodle on Inya Road. After that Ga Mone Pwint Shopping Center. Phoo Pwint joined us later for a while.

I had 'Ngar Hta Min Chin' (Shan Rice with Fish) at Happy Noodle

Ying Ying and Phoo Pwint. We just sat at J Donut.

Me & Naunt Naunt

Me & Ying Ying
Waiter from J Donut told us not to take photo. It was like 'WTH'. But we still took it and they came and told us about like three times. Haha.

At night, going to pagoda near my house with my mom

To Anonymous : So far. Move to Tampines after your house's contract ends in Yishun.
To Vico : Haha, yeah. At first, I was like 'Mom, if you are going everyday, that mean I have accompany. I would go with you like everyday". After that every night, I told her "Mom, wake me up tomorrow morning, okie?". My poor mom woke me up every day. Then I told her from my mom "Mom, let's me sleep, okie?"


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