Thursday, January 28, 2010

I need new technology which will transfer from what I have written in my mind to blogspot.
Because I keep on thinking and writing in my mind. But my fingers didn't follow to write here. Anyway, next time, I will think about what I did write in my mind and post it here.

I swear I gonna sleep early everyday (weekdays). But end up like sleeping at 2AM++ which is bad for me. I have to wake up at 7:23AM in the morning (don't ask me why not 7:20 or 7:25, and why 7:23, I don't know why, I am like this. Previously when I worked night shift as well, my alarm was like 9:37PM or something). Sleeping late all because of my brother, bad accompany right. He always sleeps late and wake up late in the morning to go to school. I bet he snoozes his alarm a lot of times.

I get sleep like 5 hours a day only. Only on Sunday, I could sleep till like as much as I want, it is about 10 hours.


  1. Heiman said...
    Just dont talk to your bro after 11pm and sleep ... ask him to be quiet too :P
    madyjune said...
    I'm just like you Tommy. I also think about blogging and think about what to write in my mind, but then I hardly get around to it 'cuz the electricity is out or the computer was down, etc. If I don't write immediately about an event, for example, barcamp yangon, I won't ever get around to blog about it at all.

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