Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Met up with old friends. They are friends from tuition during 10th standard. Only two came, the rests are away, they ain't in Yangon. Oh, they are doctors. So they have to serve at difference places.
We went to United Living Mall.

Theingi Win & Ei Khine Soe
Ei Khine Soe comes back from Bago to Yangon like every week

Seafood Platter

Met up with Honey. She just came back from Nay Pyi Daw. Her boyfriend went to play badminton, we asked him to drop us at The Ritz Cafe.
We had fun time there.


My Tom Yam Soup

Fish (without flash)

Seafood Platter
My brother thought it is a Kyaw Sone (Fried Onion, Fried Vegetables and etc)

Honey (Her shirt said King of Boyfriends)


Me & Honey

After eating there, we went to Chinatown. On the way, we saw trishaw. And we decided to ride it. So much fun at there. Then I told her, how about we buy some food, ride trishaw around Chinatown. While we were still on trishaw, her boyfriend finished playing badminton, his car was behind our trishaw following us. Haha, so we decided to stop and got back to his car to go back home.

To Vico : I thought you are talking about birthday boy. Haha. Yeah, my wedding ring, where is my groom? They didn't leave me alone, they dragged me to dance with them. Full dress shot? Any special about this dress that you are curious?

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  1. Vico said...
    Looks like you spent your vacation going from restaurant to restaurant. :P "Honey" is that really her name or a nick?
    So, do you have a vid of you dancing? :D Yeah, the dress I don't remember if I've seen your wearing it before.

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