Friday, January 22, 2010

I have watched these Korean movies last night and just now. I cried in the near of the end of movie. It was so touching and heartwarming.

Both of them are sport movie and based on true story. Really inspiring.
There has no oh-so-handsome-good-looking-actors in this movie. And no love story. But it can make me really cry. Especially, Lifting King Kong, I cried a buck.

Take Off

In 1996 a small Korean town is undergoing a large-scale construction in preparation for Winter Olympics bid. In the middle of the construction, the local committee receives a report that they do not have sufficient athletes to compete. they conclude to form a ski jump team in order to represent the event. Former American Junior alpine athlete Bob is an adoptee who came to Korea in search of his mother. With 4 other non-experienced athletes, he form the first Korean ski jump team. there’s no turning back, it’s a challenge they committed to.

The actors has lost 10 kgs and went for ski training for like 3 months. They are really PROFESSIONAL. 

Lifting King Kong

This comedy ― that closed the 3rd Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul ― is about a financial whiz-kid (Lee Beom-soo) who goes missing just days before his wedding. The media blows the case into a larger-than-life abduction, in which a most improbable group of people become entangled. 15 and over.

How come Koreans can make such a great movie? C'mon Myanmar movie, can't we be like them? I wanna be a FILM DIRECTOR. If I were Korean, I would be so proud of myself. I guess Susie and Nang would be happier, if they were as well :)


  1. Vico said...
    I haven't seen this movies. Seeing that cover reminds me that I haven't been skiing in years. I might have to re-take lessons. :D
    JulyDream said...
    အင္း.... ညႊန္းတဲ့သူက ညႊန္းေတာ့လည္း အဲဒီကားေတြကို ၾကည္႕ဖို႕ စိတ္၀င္စားသြားၿပီ။ ဘယ္နားမွာ ဘယ္လို ၾကည္႕လို႕ရမလဲ ဆုိတာ တိုးတိုးတိတ္တိတ္ ေမးပါအံုးမယ္ေလ။ =)

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