Saturday, January 9, 2010

Met up with Susie and Nang at Dagon Center Cafe Amore. After that, we went to Sabai Sabai Thai Restaurant. Then to Coffee Circles.

Me & Susie

She is fun and cute. I always have same pose. Don't I?

Nang & Me

In Nang's limo

Here we are at Sabai Sabai

Susie & Nang
Nang prefers to have flash on.

Susie prefers to have flash off because she is tanned :D

Susie & her cocktail. She loves to smile.

Prawn. We have more dishes though. But just taken photo of this.

Me at Coffee Circles. I hate myself for same pose.


Me & Susie

Envy other people like Nang for having a lot of poses.

Me & Susie with our drinks

Coffee Circles
Thanks to Nang for all the photos.

To Vico : That breakfast thing is some noodle with shred chicken. I was just there for pictures (I told them these photos are for my blog :D ). Hehe. They all go like every mornings. Their health become better after doing exercise like every days. They don't need medicine anymore for their so-called some of diseases.

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  1. nang♀ said...
    haha! i just saw this post. we had fun in ygn!!! we should meet up here too ♥

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