Friday, January 15, 2010

The Charity event day at Mary Chapman school for deaf. Those kids are deaf since they were born. That why, they become mute as well. They can make a sound, but they just don't know how to speak because since they were born they never hear anything before. They communicate through sign language. One of uncle from exercise group (from this post), he donated quite a lot for this school. He invited us to come. So I cancelled to meet Lu Lu to take photo at Tine Yin Thar Village to come this event.

They were happily playing it. The cars have sound, but they can't hear. I have video of this. Uploading fail at youtube.

Their performance time. They can't hear sound to perform. I don't know how to manage to do though. But I know their teachers help them to show signs from beside of the stage because they kept on looking that side. I have videos of these as well.

These girls wanted have sushi at Feel. That uncle drove and brought them here.
These three girls are deaf and mute.

And I have met up with people from Native Forum.

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  1. Vico said...
    It's cool of your uncle to help that school. :) Even the girls are smiling but you still don't. :P

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