Thursday, January 14, 2010

Met up with Lu Lu Htet, her sister and her sister's friends at Eugenia to have Kyay Oo (Too bad, I forgot to take picture). After that we went to Kan Daw Gyi Park. We had to pay 1,000Ks (which is about USD1) for camera.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Karaweik Palace

We called them Queen Supayalat and King Thibaw

Trying to pose with them
We made jokes and they couldn't stop laughing after that

Me and Lu Lu

In front of Karaweik Palace

Karaweik Palace

Light up because it was near Christmas

To Vico : Yes, that's the plan. Nothing much to do except eating around or going to trip. I went to one trip, I will post them later. Honey is her nick name, I don't know how it come out though, why? I don't dance. I can't imagine myself that I am dancing and I don't like the way I am dancing. I did shake my body when they dragged me to dance (I said shake, not dance). I did wear a few times only and too bad that I didn't have chance to take photo for all the times.


  1. Vico said...
    Seems like a nice place. Who is that "king & Queen" are they actors or something?
    mabaydar said...
    It was so much fun. I didn't even expect much to have fun that night. But King Thi Baw really saved us. Miss him now.. lolz..

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