Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I was bored in lecture room waiting for my project members.
The pen is I got from Blood Bank when I went to donate blood.

Me and Wynnle had lunch together at Temasek Polytechnic Mensa 2 Canteen. We missed our school TP. The food are madly cheap compared to outside price. Too bad, I can only eat there at weekdays which are school days.

My Chicken Chop, only S$3.

Beef Lasagne. Only S$3.60

Mushroom soup, S$0.90

Wynnle's pork thing. I guess S$4

I am having dry skin. I thought I am getting old and my skin is shrinking. Haha. It could be due to my new desk place at work which has direct air flow from air con. And I asked my brother to buy body lotion from his shop, Guardian. My bodyshop lotions are about to finish. They are small bottles, travel size anyway. I gave to my mom and cousin. Body butter is about to finish too because I need to use a lot in Pyin Oo Lwin.
Strawberry and Berry which have nice and sweet smell.
Strawberry for home and berry for office
Only S$4.95 and buy one get one free.
Not bad, I feel my skin is smoother after using.

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  1. shin said...
    So, how is your final year project? You want references from me?...

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